Office Of Victim Advocate

Was created by Congress completely unlimited and covert, classified above all else.  So, when the OVA Director leaked cases, which, in the beginning, was required reporting to OVA, the Director of OVA chose The Office of Special Counsel.  She was fired and the leaking to OSC and the world appears to be more to condemn the accused by OVA rather than help the victims.  Overall, expansion of OSC to thousands of agents and OVA to all government organs as well as independent agency status for both, like OIG (by prosecuting doctors who file FECA with volunteers, which is paid by the agency)  and NSA, appears to be the goal.

As studied in Peace Corps Watch's 'Creative Writing Scenarios ©;' the OVA offices (developed in tandem with US military and Peace Corps, eg see newsletters) are designed 100% for victims with no doubting or evidence.  In addition, OVA answers to no one or nothing; including laws, law makers, courts or law enforcement. Lastly, if you do not report an asssault, but are present, like at the party, then you are a participant in the assault and equally guilty of the assaults --and will probably reported as such to OVA.

OVA was created by Congress because of a volunteer death and the accused was, after years of courts, freed.  In the end, the nature of OVA defeats any real benefit (other than destroying the lives of the accused), including FECA as a diversion.  The in country courts simply throw OVA cases out.  It shouldn't be a surprise that OVA cases avoid law enforcement, courts and even medical using all else to inflict maximum damage on the accused.

Office of Victim Advocate is self fulfilling and self destructive.  Maybe Congress needs to resolve, put to rest, the frankenstine it created.

Waiting On Those FOIAs....

Last email promised a few, but denied, so reminded them they have all the address they need....for decades.

Peace Corps Disability - FECA

E Mail A Congressperson Fast and Easy At 'Open Congress'

Link to article or go directly to Open Congress.

Makes the Director a member of the Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Trafficking

Makes the Director of the Peace Corps a member of the Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Trafficking


Latest Title: Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2013

Makes the Director of the Peace Corps a member of the Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Trafficking.
This is a law enforcement and intelligence issue. Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, And Investigations.

Trafficking Victims Protection Act 2013

Latest Title: Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2013

Makes the Director of the Peace Corps a member of the Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Trafficking.

This is a law enforcement and intelligence issue. Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, And Investigations.

U.S. Department of State
Foreign Affairs Manual Volume 12Diplomatic Security
12 FAM 450
Page 1 of 76
12 FAM
(CT:DS-177; 05-23-2012)(Office of Origin: DS/MGT/PPD)


12 FAM 451.6 Peace Corps (CT:DS-177; 05-23-2012)The MOU between the Department of State and the Peace Corps on Security Support Abroad was signed into effect on May 11, 2012. Its text is given as12 FAM Exhibit 451.6.


Peace Corpsand Bureau of Diplomatic Security of the Department of State Memorandum of Understanding on security support abroad. May 11,2012

Peace Corps Equity Act

Peace Corps Equity Act
See Also:
Peace Corps Office of Victims Advocate Global Program global agenda. Puzey Act. Peace Corps Acting Director 5yr law, Us military. Obama, Morning After Pill. Peace Corps Volunteer Immunity.US military law. Clinton Diaspora women and girl special interest funding global agenda - human smuggling

Affidavit for Domestic Partner Relationship Application

Dear FOIA Officer,

Re:FR Doc. 2013-14529 Filed 06/18/2013 at 8:45 am; Publication Date: 06/19/2013

We are writing regarding the submission.

"Method:" This should read '......."given to all domestic partner relationship applicants"..... '

"Respondents Obligation to Reply: Required to obtain or retain benefits." statement should be required on the form for those who wish to apply. The form should also contain the conditions of employment as a Peace Corps worker in country for those who claim domestic partnerships, like, for example, adopting children, having children while serving, pregnancy while serving and the affidavit for domestic partner relationship application should be included in the Peace Corps manual as well as any policy affects from the new affidavit, application, benefits and service worker type of relationships amongst each other, non Peace Corps workers including Peace Corps countries, Peace Corps applicant countries and US and other foreign aid . In addition, Peace Corps policy should include declaration of domestic partnership during training, the three month probation period after swaring in as well as in service and during 3rd year extensions. The declaration of domestic partnershiip should not be limited among US government employees, US citizens, Peace Corps workers or formal status requirements. The request discounts the volumous types of other couples that have equal rights to service, safety and security and benefits. In addition, workers and countries will be limited services, safety and benefits and foreign aid based on the wording of this submission and questionaire. The request should be worded as we indicate and resubmitted for review.

More Money Or We Can't Serve There...........

Cap administration at 5%

PCVEs trained in US universities

Host countries pay the cost of PC

Model after CN&CS | Place PCs with NGOs/Insurance\Grants

Enforce the five year opportunity limit

PC staff salaries reflect a percentage of the PCVSE salary

Move PC to CN&CS, USIP or USAID - NGO placement

Enforce the Hatch Act

Waiver for Forced Assignments

PCVSE service with no new upper limit

Danger/Hazard pay for Forced Assignments

Create an association of National Civic Service Workers

Stop PC/NPCA competition with NGOs/governments for US program funding and foreign funds.

(e.g. PEPFAR and G8).

Cancel Peace Corps Response(dangerous short term), NPCA, morepeacecorps, peace corps connect, peacecorpspush, encore etc. US government funds.

post conflict Safety and Security limiters

Close Peace Corps University or make it non government funded.


Peace Corps Watch .........

Nowhere else

Day Labor Won't Work There

'Applicants must be capable of participating in intense physical labor including, but not limited to: able to lift 50 lbs., spend 8-10 hours a day in all weather conditions (e.g., sun, heat, wind, rain, cold, snow, etc.) and hike 5 miles with a day-pack.'

'...and physical labor...'

'Summer is spent outdoors completing physically demanding land conservation projects in state and local parks, mountain areas, and national forests including trail building, noxious weed removal, community gardening, and fire mitigation.'

'...members will be performing strenuous physical tasks outdoors in all types of weather...'

'...extensive chainsaw work..'

'...required to participate in extended front and back-country service trips...'

'...involving long hours, camping, field cooking...'

' in a group camp in the evenings...'

' season outdoor living experience...'

'Work Schedule: Crew members serve in the field on either a 4-day-on, 3-day-off or 8-day-on, 6-day-off schedule. '

'...trail maintenance and construction on national forests...'

Flexible/irregular hours of work including evenings and weekends will be necessary.

'...physical training sessions three times a week.'

'...intensive service...'

'...contingent upon funding and satisfactory work performance..'

'...require the use of the Members’ own vehicles.'

'...hiking up to 15 miles...'

'...on your feet outdoors in rugged terrain and in all types of weather for 8+ hours a day.'

'...working together to resolve conflict...'

' and serve in the out of doors for extended periods of time.'

'...pass a fingerprint criminal history background check provided through NWSA and/or Project Sponsor Agency.'

'Have not previously served two terms...'

'Personal vehicle is recommended...'

'Wear an NWSA uniform...'

'...citizenship topics.'

' acceptable check of the National Sex Offender Public Registry.'

'...any other tasks that best serve the neighborhoods we work in.'

'...tree planting...'

'...camping at project sites for weeks at a time...'

'Sharing' CNCS employees with over 4 NGOs.

'The portal (online application) has went through some changes over the last few months and there are character limited sections online - so this is a better way for us to explain our different teams, service benefits, .'

'...the Environmental Corps has received numerous awards, including the Points of Light Foundation Presidential Service Award, Renew America Certificate of Environmental Achievement, and Clean Texas 2000 Environmental Excellence Award.'

' experience you'll remember for the rest of your life.'

CN&CS forgot to mention the mile long ditches, 50 ft scaffolding and 30 ft ladders. A day laborer won't move above 3 ft.

'...if you need your GED, you can come here and do that...' 'May Apply for Child Care Allowance If Necessary'

One Year or 6-Months

Administration requires subcontractor reporting

Database PC exempts itself from for over three years. USASpending.Gov

Peace Corps spends 100s of millions in contracts.

Labor Camps

Americorps from all over doing five week(or six or more) labor camps to fulfill other requirements beyond the full time hours.

More cheap labor from all over. More.

Required travel first months (required to keep the job) of service exempt from residency requirements?

Inspector General for CN&CS fired. Oversight over the working conditions, pay, etc.

No site inspections for living conditions, but a fee for the worker....'Provide a non-federal cash match of $2,600 to cover costs associated with the corps member...' and insurance.

I don't think 'living in the woods' is an approved site and, if they're not living in a home they are probably working and exceeding 40 hrs.

Choice of Education Award or End of Service Stipend

Priority for Programs That Provide a National Industry-Recognized Credential and portable credential, certificate, or degree. HR 4072

This was the job as grants went avoiding members.

: 160,891.00 - 165,300.00 USD /year

CNS 10-17-307789
Job Title:
Senior Attorney-Advisor
Salary Range:
105,210.00 -
155,500.00 USD /year

CNS 10-55-339533
130,000 - 145,000 USD/year

Chief Technology Officer
Salary Range:
102,720.00 - 127,607.00 USD /year

Regional Director
103,745.00 - 118,745.00 USD / year

Salary Range:
85,000.00 - 115,257.00 USD /year

CNS 10-18-307835
Job Title:
National Conference Director
Salary Range:

62,468.00 - 95,000.00 USD /year

CNS 10-40-331455
Regional Director
103,745.00 - 118,745.00

CNS 10-22-307973
Job Title:
Security Officer
Salary Range:
62,468.00 -
118,051.00 USD /year

Job Title:
Staff Accountant, NY-0510-03
Salary Range:
60,990.00 - 90,000.00 USD /year

'...must possess one year of specialized experience..... in the Federal service.'

Program Officer
62,468.00 - 75,000.00 USD/year

Program Associate
SALARY RANGE: 41,210.00 - 46,210.00 USD /year

Summary: FY 11 Labor-HHS Appropriations: Subcommittee Mark

Congress moves FY11 spending bills, recommends increases for national service

On Thursday, July 29, 2010 - The Senate full Appropriations Committee approved the FY11 Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies spending bill. The bill recommends $1.366B for CNCS.

Highlights of the bill include:
$440 Million to support for AmeriCorps*State/National
$18 Million for state service commission administrative funding
$10 Million for the Volunteer Generation Fund
$1 Million for Serve America Fellowship Program

Earlier in July, the House Appropriations Committee’s Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Subcommittee marked-up the FY2011 Labor, HHS, and Education Appropriations Bill on July 15. The bill recommends $1.305B for the Corporation for National and Community Service. This is $155M more than FY10 and $111M less than the President's request. The Subcommittee only released summary tables for full Agency budgets. The Full House Appropriations Committee has yet to mark up the Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education bill.

Here is the Senate Appropriations Committee Breakdowns of CNCS accounts and bill language:

Appropriations, 2010 ............................................................................ $1,149,721,000
Budget estimate, 2011 .......................................................................... 1,415,586,000
Committee recommendation ................................................................ 1,365,586,000

The Committee recommends $1,365,586,000 for the Corporation for National and Community Service in fiscal year 2011. The administration request for fiscal year 2011 was $1,415,586,000. The fiscal year 2010 comparable level was $1,149,721,000.
The Committee recommendation is sufficient to increase the number of AmeriCorps members from 87,000 in fiscal year 2010 to more than 97,000 in fiscal year 2011.

The Corporation for National and Community Service, a corporation owned by the Federal Government, was established by the National and Community Service Trust Act of 1993 to enhance opportunities for national and community service and provide national service education awards. The Corporation makes grants to States, institutions of higher education, public and private nonprofit organizations, and others to create service opportunities for students, out-of-school youth, and adults.

The Corporation administers programs authorized under the Domestic Volunteer Service Act, the National and Community Service Trust Act and the SERVE America Act.

The Committee recommends $111,000,000 for the Volunteers in Service to America [VISTA] Program. The comparable funding level for fiscal year 2010 was $99,074,000. The budget request for fiscal year 2011 was $98,000,000.

VISTA, created in 1964 under the Economic Opportunity Act, provides capacity building for small, community-based organizations. VISTA volunteers raise resources for local projects, recruit and organize volunteers, and establish and expand local community- based programs in housing, employment, health, and economic development activities.

The Committee strongly supports VISTA’s anti-poverty mission, particularly in the midst of an economic recession. In addition, the Committee views it as a great asset that VISTA volunteers can serve in small, nonprofit organizations with little to no capacity to manage a Federal grant. For that reason, the Committee urges the Corporation to make VISTA part of the growth plan for national service.

The Committee remains concerned that the current training program for VISTA volunteers requires too much travel and does not adequately correlate to the actual tasks that VISTA members are required to complete in their service. The Committee urges the Corporation to consider State-based training and devoting a higher percentage of training time to core skill development.


The Committee recommends $229,100,000 for the National Senior Volunteer Corps programs. The comparable level in fiscal year 2010 was $220,900,000. The fiscal year 2011 budget request was $221,100,000.

The Committee has included the following activities in the following amounts:
[In thousands of dollars]

Programs Fiscal year— Committee
2010 comparable 2011 President’s recommendation request

Retired Senior Volunteer Program ...... 63,000 63,000 64,000
Foster Grandparent.............................. 110,996 111,100 115,600
Senior Companion ............................. 46,904 47,000 49,500

The Committee has included sufficient funding to increase the stipend for Foster Grandparents and Senior Companion members by 10 cents, for a total of $2.75 per hour. The Committee is grateful for the service provided by these elderly individuals.

The maximum total dollars that may be used in fiscal year 2011for support, Training and Technical Assistance, and Recruitment and Retention activities shall not exceed the amount enacted for these activities in fiscal year 2010.


The Committee recommends $440,000,000 for AmeriCorps grants in fiscal year 2011. The fiscal year 2010 level was $372,547,000 and the budget request for fiscal year 2011 was $488,033,000.

The Committee notes that, despite a 37 percent increase in funding in fiscal year 2010, some States experienced a reduction in their participation in the AmeriCorps grant program. The Committee is concerned that small organizations and organizations in rural areas of the country are less able to compete with well-known national organizations. The Committee has not reinstated the cap on national direct grants; however, the Committee requests a report within 90 days of enactment of this act on the steps the Corporation is taking to ensure that small organizations and entities in rural America have equal opportunities for funding.

The Committee directs the Corporation to include a 5-year detail of member service in the annual congressional budget justification. The detail should include the number of members, grant cost, and Trust cost broken out both by program (e.g., VISTA, NCCC, State, and national) and by level of service (e.g., full time, part time, quarter time). In addition, the justification should include a 5-year detail on the number of members serving in each State, excluding NCCC.

The Committee is pleased with the participation of the Corporation in the Let’s Move! campaign and encourages the Corporation to expand its efforts around childhood nutrition and hunger. In particular, the Committee urges the Corporation to give priority to applications that support increasing healthy food choices in antihunger programs, assisting local farm-to-school initiatives, and increasing access to food assistance programs. The Committee is aware that the recent economic downturn has dramatically increased the number of Americans seeking out food assistance programs, and hopes that AmeriCorps members can increase the capacity of local organizations to meet this pressing national need.


The Committee recommendation includes $6,000,000 for Disability Placement funds. The comparable fiscal year 2010 level was $5,000,000 and the budget request for fiscal year 2011 was $6,000,000.

Grant funds are for the placement of, reasonable accommodation of, and auxiliary services for members and potential members with disabilities serving in AmeriCorps programs.

The Committee is deeply concerned by the high rate of unemployment among people with disabilities and believes that the programs of the Corporation are well-suited to help people with disabilities gain important job skills without jeopardizing their medical benefits. In addition, the service of AmeriCorps members with disabilities helps to educate potential employers about reasonable accommodation options, which may lead to reduced stigma and discrimination. The Committee encourages the Corporation to help grantees incorporate people with disabilities in AmeriCorps projects whenever possible.

In addition, the Committee is sensitive to the increased costs involved in running an AmeriCorps program in which a significant proportion of the members have disabilities. The Committee urges the Corporation to consider ways to provide additional support to programs in which 25 percent or more of the members have disabilities, either through the disability grants, the CEO’s waiver authority or other cooperative agreements.


The Committee has included $84,509,000 for Innovation, Demonstration, and Assistance Activities. The comparable fiscal year 2010 level was $60,500,000 and the budget request for fiscal year 2011 was $77,000,000.

Within the funds provided for the Innovation account, the Committee has included $60,000,000 for the Social Innovation fund authorized under section 1807 of the SERVE America Act. The Committee recommendation also includes $10,000,000 for the nonprofit capacity-building program authorized under section 1809 of the SERVE America Act.

In addition, $10,000,000 is included for the Volunteer Generation Fund authorized under section 198P of the SERVE America Act. The Committee has not included bill language requested by the administration to waive the statutorily required allocation of these funds.

The Committee recommendation also includes $1,000,000 for the highly successful MLK Day of Service and $1,000,000 for the Serve America Fellowships.


The Committee recommendation includes $8,000,000 for evaluation activities. The comparable fiscal year 2010 level was $6,000,000 and the budget request for fiscal year 2011 was $8,000,000.


The Committee recommendation includes $35,593,000 for the National Civilian Community Corps. The comparable fiscal year 2010 level was $29,000,000 and the budget request for fiscal year 2011 was $34,593,000.

The National Civilian Community Corps is a full-time, teambased residential program for men and women ages 18 to 24. Members are assigned to 1 of 5 campuses for a 10-month service commitment.


The Committee has included $40,198,000 for Learn and Serve America. The fiscal year 2010 comparable level was $39,500,000 and the budget request for fiscal year 2011 was $40,198,000.

Learn and Serve America provides direct and indirect support to K–12 schools, community groups and higher education institutions to facilitate service-learning projects.

The Committee has included sufficient funding to continue the Summer of Service activities within the Learn and Serve program.


The Committee has included $18,000,000 for State Commission Administration grants. This is the same amount as the budget request for fiscal year 2011. The comparable fiscal year 2010 level was $17,000,000.


The Committee recommendation includes $11,000,000 for Training and Technical Assistance. The budget request for fiscal year 2011 was $13,000,000. The comparable fiscal year 2010 level was $7,500,000.


The Committee recommends an appropriation of $271,186,000 for the National Service Trust. The comparable level for fiscal year 2010 was $197,000,000. The administration request for fiscal year 2011 was $293,662,000.

The Committee notes that the funding level recommended is sufficient to support more than 97,000 members in fiscal year 2011, an increase of more than 10,000 members from fiscal year 2010.


The Committee recommends an appropriation of $103,000,000 for the Corporation’s salaries and expenses. The budget request for fiscal year 2011 was $109,000,000. The comparable level for fiscal year 2010 was $88,000,000. The Committee directs that the Corporation must fund all staffing needs from the salaries and expenses account.

The salaries and expenses appropriation provides funds for staff salaries, benefits, travel, training, rent, advisory and assistance services, communications and utilities expenses, supplies, equipment, and other operating expenses necessary for management of the Corporation’s activities under the National and Community Service Act of 1990 and the Domestic Volunteer Service Act of 1973.


The Committee recommends an appropriation of $9,000,000 for the Office of Inspector General [OIG]. The comparable level for fiscal year 2010 was $7,700,000 and the administration request for fiscal year 2011 was $9,000,000.

The goals of the OIG are to increase organizational efficiency and effectiveness and to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse.

The Committee has included three administrative provisions: language requiring the Corporation to make any significant changes to program requirements or policy through rule-making (sec. 401), language requiring that donations supplement and not supplant operations (sec. 402) and language aligning requirements regarding the use of Education Awards at GI Bill-eligible institutions (sec. 403).

The Five Rules for Americorps VISTA

Closing the Language Gap: Improving the Federal Government’s Foreign Language Capabilities

NSA Jobs

Federal Government Foreign Language Capabilities

Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee - Hearing [ 02:30 pm, 07/29/2010 ]
Oversight of Government Management, the Federal Workforce, and the District of Columbia Subcommittee hearing on "Closing the Language Gap: Improving the Federal Government's Foreign Language Capabilities."
Witness(es): David Maurer, director of the Government Accountability Office's Homeland Security and Justice Team; Homeland Security Chief Human Capital Officer Jeff Neal; Nancy Weaver, director of the Defense Department's Defense Language Office; former Undersecretary for Personnel and Readiness David Chu; Richard Brecht, executive director of the University of Maryland's Center for Advanced Study of Language; Daniel Davidson, president of the Joint National Committee for Languages and the National Councils for Languages and International Studies, testify
Location: 342 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Contact: 202-224-2627 (+WASE007+)

Jobs Corps Fraud Blog

Direct funding for under min wage workers like PEPFAR/PC

'..address unmet health needs..' funding from other corps sources. '..funds to otherwise support..' direct funding for under min wage workers.

"Independent 'Corps'" Congressional Lobbyist Spending

'..descended from the Civilian Conservation Corps of the 1930's...' Legislative funding lie so lobbyists like Corps Network/Peace Corps can get funding for admin spending.

Miscellaneous Foreign Contractors

Personal Services Contractors(FNPSC) or SERVICES (OPERATIONAL)





Arguments that PC buys it way into countries hiring HCNs. The value of the PC isn't just DC in the $58,000 + per PC per year.

FACEBOOK, INC., THE $168,000

2. ALLOWANCES (if Applicable). *

  1. Living Quarters Allowance (Section 130).
  2. Post Allowance (Section 220).
  3. Supplemental Post Allowance (Section 230).
  4. Separate Maintenance Allowance (Section 260).
  5. Education Allowance (Section 270).
  6. Education Travel (Section 280).
  7. Post Differential (Chapter 500).
  8. Payments during Evacuation/Authorized Departure (Section 600), and
  9. Danger Pay (Section 650).

    * Standardized Regulations (Government Civilians Foreign Areas).

YES to inbound, No to outbound

22x are paid to study here than study there. This isn't the study abroad program anyone envisioned. It discriminates based on religion/region. The future is legislation for US outbound study only.

These are not International Public Service Fellowships and I doubt that Youth Service America would put in a bid.

Program Goals:
1. Promote mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of the partner country(ies).

Men Barred from these countries. I doubt this is legal in the US.


CNCS Office of Emergency Management (OEM)

The Corps Network(NCCC) is missing those easy disaster contracts and now runs them.

NGOs Cost per CNCS $12,500 * Actual Cost $35,101.00

'Host organizations pay between $8,000 and $12,500 for a full-time Fellow that will serve a minimum of 1700 hours over their 12 month term of service (whereas our total cost/Fellow is $35,101).'

'The amount your organization pays can be determined by reviewing your most recent organizational audit......'

States won't pay their cost, so NGOs Pay More:

While VISTA regulations do not require a federal match, in order to maximize federal resources and to the keep the federal cost of VISTA members to a minimum, the Corporation for National and Community Service looks to VISTA sponsors to help pay the member living allowance (generally between $11-13,000 per year) for some of the project’s VISTA members. It is expected that the longer a project has VISTA resources that more cost sharing will occur. For example, if a project has 5 VISTA members who are being paid a living allowance by CNCS of $936 a month, the sponsor might agree to have one cost share VISTA in year one (in which case CNCS would bill monthly that amount to the sponsor). In year 2 and 3, however, the project should consider increasing its cost sharing to two VISTA members. The overall goal of the Corporation is to have 20% of members cost shared by the community partners and sponsors. VISTA members may assist their sponsoring organization in fundraising activities and grant writing to expand the organization’s resources for cost sharing.

From a NOFA May 2010

'Line Item' 'Budget Justification' HRSA 10-100

RPCVs Lobbying Like Obama and Hillary

PC left Bolivia because it was dangerous. We are entering new countries that are equally dangerous and we are doing this for funding. For example, Indonesia is a 'pet' country for Obama and Clinton. It and other countries would not have been opened BECAUSE THEY ARE TOO DANGEROUS except for these considerations. Why not re open Bolivia in spite of dangers?

We will end up with the same problems we had when we left or entered. Whether we stay in country after the coups or not, the same problems come up and the risk increases or stays the same and that is a risk Obama, Clinton and RPCVs are willing to take with these lives. That is wrong, they don't have the experience.

Cancelling Perkins Loans and Others

There are new agreements to recruit CNCS service workers for Peace Corps service work waiving the degree. This was done in the past for groups like 4H, etc. and is back.

This article explains how those will be cancelled, up to 70% in PC. Loans can be difficult as we move more into US government buying out the private loan business. It's time to call PC on recruiting service workers from CNCS.

Only State Service Commissions consortia of State Service Commissions are eligible

NGOs that lobby get more money from CNCS and many are lobbying and paying with CNCS with monies, awards and prizes.

The Volunteer Generation Fund is worth less that the Inovation fund($650,000,000 at Education), but may be a pattern as big government takes back it's funding NGO had to take.

Earth Day Job Losses

The Corps Network has announced a recruit, train and retain partnership with Peace Corps. This agreement already exists between Peace Corps and CNCS. The historical basis for agriculture work in legislation is interesting, but not the basis for a formal agreement. There is no mention of an MOU or other formal agreement for Peace Corps to hire from the Corps Network or the reverse. The partnering is more of a show for Earth Day than anything else. In fact, the lack of a formal hiring agreement, like preference, is killing the employment network's(Corps) ability to hire. Peace Corps does not have to hire without college degrees and CNCS does not have to honor federal preference for Peace Corps Volunteer Service Employees.

The partnership also has requirements for the type of worker. Like the NPCA's ARC, this is not good for PC. It allows discrimination.

The Corps Network exists as something separate from CNCS and is not needed. The only thing we would ask The Corps Network is; why aren't we paid at least minimum wage and why didn't someone else get the contracts from the RFPs?

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) does not acknowledge any CNCS or Peace Corps Volunteer Service Employees as part of the Federal Campaign.
This Manual applies to all Peace Corps personnel including but not limited to employees, Trainees, Volunteers,experts and consultants. contractors performing
work for the Agency to the extent provided by law and/or contract.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit for Service Employees

'...repays 60 percent of the outstanding balance in exchange for 2 years of full-time service...'

PCW: The Leader in Service

Nation or world we lead.

Budget Request 'Education Job Crisis'

Education Budget/Education Jobs Crisis
Senate Appropriations Committee - Hearing [ 09:30 am, 04/14/2010 ]
Labor, HHS, Education and Related Agencies Subcommittee hearing on the FY2010 budget request for the Education Department and the education jobs crisis.
Witness(es): Education Secretary Arne Duncan; Ramon Cortines, superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District; Chris Bern, president of the Iowa State Education Association, testify
Location: 138 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Contact: 202-224-7363 (+WASE052+)

Auditing the Government

Union Discrimination: Why PC and CNCS Employees Lose

Unions love CNCS and PC employees, as long as they are staff. The actual workers in the field are passed over as not federal employees or not worth the time due to wage discrimination(minimum wage, minimum FS pay, etc.). As admin increases like PC's 95%, UNIONS will continue to lose being PART OF THE PROBLEM. The best ideas; for example, having the agency OIG lobby, have already been done. OIG was given independent agency status. It's a big pay out when you buy into the discrimination. Congress goes along, knowing this is wrong and so do the agencies and so do the NGOs and so do the States and so do the countries..................

PCW Demands Date and Cause of Death

for Morocco Returned Volunteer Service Employee So-Youn Kim.

PC still won't talk and they may be acting in self interest. If medical care was a fault then we need to know what happened so it doesn't happen again. If this was an unknown illness and unsolvable in country, the procedure is to medevac to the US.

New medical secretary. 'Prepares and processes payment vouchers for local health consultants and laboratories...' 'Keeps and maintains file of medical expenditures and record the medical budget...'

New Doctor "including budget management"

New Medevac contract signed the day she died
and the day after.


1995 settlement/offer to return to employment.


Puzey: FOIA filed at PC and State. Issues at both regarding murderers employed at PC. Civilian Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Act.
'By coincidence, my travel partner and I passed through that very same village, on that same day.'
Puzey said her daughter’s murder happened within days of her reporting the other teacher.

National Citizen Service Union


Non Profits and Big Government

CNCS will now fund orgs to help run NGOs. This has been done by using government liked NGOs, for example like Points of Light etc., to fund other smaller and not well connected NGOs to funding from CNCS. What is happening; big government is outspending the NGOs we all relied on as the backbone and forcing them to take government money and employees to survive. NGOs need to get along with and take the money of big government or go out of business. This has been a trend in foreign aid as it doubled, tripled and doubled again. The result was cutting everyone out of the middle and funding the foreign government directly with cash payments and US government program money used to build their government services and hire their employees(e.g PEPFAR Health care, an inherently government function, employee offices built in Ethiopia).

Congressional Service Employees

Congress won't listen and refuses do what is needed. So, people do things like limiting pay, benefits, etc.

PC has always had the answer to this. Treat them as you are treated. They get the same pay and term limits. For example, CNCS volunteer service employee pay and a term limit of PC's two years. If you want to be nice, five years.

Peace Corps Volunteer Service Employees Work 24/7

They are paid $9 dollars a day, roughly minimum wage. The cost of living adjustment that the Director claims this is was originally a trade for a cost of living increase in country, not a salaried benefit; double the $125 to $275 a month. The original raise, not CoLA, was in legislation that was changed during budgeting legislation and lobby.

The Director cost PCVSEs a raise; now a CoLA that is not overseas based, but a US non raise CoLA.
Number correction

In 50 years how much have countries changed at the average worker level and how long have we been in country?

'The Corps'

This movement has new legislation that does not allow those paid by the corporation? to be considered employees. The Corps Network advertise 'Jobs Today', so maybe Congress isn't doing an agency favor by making the mistake of calling employees non employees when the employer says they are; who pays the corporation?

'...while also receiving food, shelter, education and a precious $30-a-month stipend that literally saved many of their families from hunger in tough times...'
If they paid these poor people a legal wage, like minimum, they could buy shelter, food and education that will get them a job. The jobs that these workers get after their government service are not mentioned nor have their been any studies on the work, pay and length of employment after service.

The PC Journey 'It's an agency'

When you blindly give up your free will to a higher authority, be sure you are not also giving up control of your ultimate destiny. - from The Outer Limits, 1995 "A New Life"'

CNCS Employees Rights Are:

>. Because AmeriCorps members are “paid employees,” by the federal and/or State governments; a member is permitted to fill in for an absent employee and perform services, duties, or activities assigned to an employee at the service site.

> will withhold applicable state and federal payroll taxes from federal(includes State) payment checks. Members are eligible for unemployment compensation.

These are the rights members have regardless of other statements by CNCS orgs.

' extraordinary contribution...' Worth how much? The members value is in how much they bring in with little pay and how much admin pay.

S. 3111: A bill to establish the Commission on Freedom of Information Act Processing Delays


RPCV Status Required for Employment at PC

It is an unwritten rule that to be employed at PC you have to have been one. This is true of all recruiters. This was published on the web site when CNCS was going to take over recruiter functions. PC Response has the same unwritten rule. It is not legal or fair to require RPCV status for jobs at PC; an organization that is trying to open up international study and work.

We noticed this problem with recruiting posters like this: Entry level full time and Experienced level full time.

We filed FOIA asking for clarification as to what this means and were denied, saying it was on the site, but given no URL. We cannot find it on the site and neither could PC. We assume that PC will wait for an opportune time to state that PC Response requires RPCV status on the recruiting material. There are many people who are not RPCVs who can do Response work and it is illegal and wrong to require RPCV status without publishing that requirement on all recruiting material and applications.

Over 60% of PC staff employee are RPCVs.

CNCS now requires VISTA work for CNCS jobs at Campus Compact. There are many people with experience to do this job and we shouldn't require CNCS VISTA federal employment status for this work. CC isn't well thought of.


'Behind the Curtain' as Peace Corps changes it's FOIA denials to include more and National Security at the top of the list. Internal rules and practices................

Federal Human Capital Survey (FHCS)

This survey is important. As you know PCVSEs are asked to participate in surveys as federal employees, inherently government functions. For example, the sustainable budget survey Congress bought for PEPFAR.

This is a good way to participate that is less political.

Americorps and CNCS grants used to make 5 million in revenues.

General Scott is the Founder and first National Director of AmeriCorps NCCC, established in 1994

Why CNCS and PC Cost So Much

'...grow while retaining their high quality.' Why they hired the expensive admin employees.

'...programs have already grown..with funding from... Act...Act...' They already over funded, hired the expensive admin employees and the 'volunteers' should follow, but, historically don't; so, don't plan on those 'volunteer' numbers.

'...Corporation for National and Community Service, which administers many...' CNCS administers grants, loans, etc. and isn't just paying 'volunteers' poverty wages; so, don't plan on them taking responsibility for those they pay or increasing the numbers much.

'These programs have room to expand...' We already hired that expensive admin staff.

As far as the rest, we only need to ask the cost per 'Volunteer.' It's about double what they're paid, including the university payments. PC is 95% admin.

'...the prevailing wage in the area of intended employment...'

Mental Health Programs for the Peace Corps

Plumb Book/Executive Limiting Legislation

Maintaining the Path Highlights PC

Obama's new budget rewards the PC budget with better numbers. Now, it's only 11,000. The math would mean that this started when there were only 5,500 PCs and adds PC Response members as equals only serving 3 months to a year. I guess the 2016 date has something to do with the five year strategic plan that PC didn't want to get done. 9,400 by 2012? 9,000 by 2012?

CN&CS is stressing IT and management like PC. I don't think it's at 95% administration like PC, but it will be there by 2015.

CN&CS and PC team up on recruiting, jobs and Innovation Funding.

Obama's new budget rewards the CNCS budget with better numbers. Now, it's only 105,000 by 2011. The math would mean that this started before it started, unless you just count the legislation. I guess the2017 date has something to do with the five year strategic plan that CNCS didn't want to get done. 250,000 by 2015. 250,000 by 2017?

American Progress will help everyone out of the committments and not get a penny(unlike Service Nation):

S. 2970 would amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to allow rehabilitation expenditures for public school buildings to qualify for rehabilitation credit.

not less than 80 percent of the funding ...under the grant to wages, benefits...

Most Admin Caps at 5% - PC is 95%+

Government funding public or private aid.

NSA Jobs/ Civilian DoD

H.R. 4625, The Civil Service Reform and Government Reorganization Commission Act of 2009 '...foreign language fluency, cultural understanding...' National Language Service Corps Pilot Program General Dynamics. NSA jobs from over ten years ago.

International Affairs (Function 150) Budget Request

Forced to Sign MOUs/Partnering Agreements with NGOs, etc.

A PC costs over $57,000 a year.
Berman. Appended to Pakistan Conflict funding PC Response will be using existing PCs and sites. Doubling # with PC Response\short term\dangerous. PC Response post conflict funding| danger and hazard pay.|Loan Forgiveness(e.g. Liberia)
We need to reduce waste by not sending PCVE's to staging when PC knows they won't be going on the lift. This wastes everyone's time and money. They are then offered assignments that are not standard. For example, the Georgia evacs went to Bolivia, which closed a few weeks later.

H.R. 1436: Government Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Accountability Act

Inherently Governmental Functions- ....... and shall be performed only by Federal employees.

PC WF Security Task Force/PC-NPCA Africa Rural Connect/Regional Division of Aid/Africom-PEPFAR

Office of Food for Peace/Plan PCVE hiring program like PEPFAR/Vasquez The $15 billion dollar donation is from the G8, not Obama and is a Universal Benefit. Food Aid Convention renegotiation failure - regional divisional funding excuse for new aid/failure universal food equality. Regional Division of Aid.(see PC/NPCA Africa Rural Connect - Africom Director / PEPFAR{Africa / PC Africa Director) PC/NPCA Africa</span> PC/NPCA Africa Rural Connect is dividing aid by region, hemisphere, desk, country/Continent, Directors or caucus(Congress/Stans)'? see: AU and neocolonialism see: Obama policy Africa, Rural Connect and Agriculture Corps (p.11 use document search)

PC PEPFAR Africa- All Pandemics-PC/NPCA(Africa~RC)funding/Africom

Forgetting the AU and neocolonialsim Pandemic aid by PC country division(AIDs PC existing program) vs. PEPFAR PC aid - PC/NPCA Africa Rural Connect-regional(Africa)|MCC/MCA 'lowering the threshold'|Africom/Director|divisional funding '...5-year Partnership Framework...'


Over 1.2 billion/five year deficit neutral/In normal US budget

Peace Corps Anti Trafficking in Persons Task Force

Danger/Hazard pay(shadow foreign service) Peace Corps Marine Protection Officer Americorps Service Volunteer Employees attend mandatory courses on human trafficking and listen to lobbyist for bills in Congress. 'The 2011 Budget supports the Administration’s efforts to combat trafficking in persons and assist in the coordination of anti-trafficking efforts both worldwide and domestically.'
'...USAID/PEPFAR program serving orphans and vulnerable children (OVC)...'
The highest paid work is a combination of well funded programs and Clinton's WID agenda.
Jan 31 2010
Conflict Resolution finds home in WID/OVC.

Education, Training, Employment, and Social Services FUNCTION 500

CN&CS Employees Are Banned From Advocacy

These other groups, like Service Nation and the Building Bridges Coalition and NSLP/AED do very well taking care of CN&CS employees. Obama plans on paying 250,000 of these 'volunteers' below minimum wage. It's not his fault they're paid below poverty and can't advocate for fair pay. Poverty is the PC legacy. There are rewards. There is also another 'Connect.'

SMART really isn't a bill for Congress to pay. I guess eGrants can't do the numbers right.

The lobbying for money seems to be around 'planning grants' 'administrative grants' 'training grants' 'recruit and retain' and CN&CS hiring those who work with the 'volunteers.' Ideally, that function will go back to the NGOs as a paid 'grant.'

See, all this advocacy and lobbying work by federally funded orgs is okay. It's not like it started with NPCA.

All the workers are taken care of, but none of these will address the workers.

Obama meets the Lama: The Annual National Service-Learning Conference.

Fact Sheet

Advocates are very political, wealthy and see all this money and cheap labor. CN&CS stimulus jobs are below poverty and violate employment laws. More money makers from advocating for these employees are HandOnNetwork and Points of Light. They never address workers or conditions.

Subcommittee on Government Management, Organization, and Procurement.

Memorandum/PEPFAR contracted PCVEs H. Con. Res. 22: Establishing the Joint Select Committee on Reorganization and Reform of Foreign Assist
5 year waiver: OIG independent agency lobby/Fed employee lobby/Congress/DSS Shadow Foreign Service IG lobby/AG political-legacies/AG}PC\admin(RovePlame) briefings - intelligence\ethics waivers. OIG independent agency 'community'
SIG specified employment authorities
10x non management/foreign aid(Treasury)

NPCA Lobby

Training/move back to US universities/Vetting
MCC/CN&CS/OPIC/Fire,appoint,bankrupt CEOs/Foundation taxes
Recruit and Retain converging